Black Friday Sale & Shopping Tips

Another year of shopping for the Black Friday marathon!   I would think people either get incredibly excited about the whole event, or are becoming  tired of the hunt for that special deal!   
We have found some key tips to help you all to experience a fun filled and rewarding shopping experience, while finding the best deals.   Our company believes in offering the best prices we possibly can throughout the year so our Special Bonus prices are not as HUGE as what you'll see with most retailers, but we are still offering the best prices we can for our  viewing audience.
Tips to help you shop, save and still maintain your sanity !! 
1.  Start early.  Most sales have already begun before black friday so you dont have to wait for the weekend to find better discounts.
2.  Skip in-store sales and shop online.  Sure you will always find great deals in-person but the majority of the best deals are now found online!  And, it is so much more convenient!
3.  Loyalty programs are a great way to get the best deals possible with early access on coupons, and promotions.  If you are going to buy get involved with the loyalty programs for added benefit.
4.  All social platforms are a great way to find exclusive and special deals when shopping, especially for their loyal viewing audience who will find out ahead of time when new promotions are taking place.
5.  Even though the doorbuster specials and massive savings that are being offered create an impulse buying situation remember to have a budget in place, and stick to it!.   
For a limited time our company is offering the best, and last offer of the year to shop and save.  Receive 15% off all our jewelry, gift boxes or our online wellness courses.   At checkout use code:   XMASBONUS15.  Shop & save today, limited time only     
Along with our Black Friday special we also are offering a promotion on our gift boxes.   Order any 2 wellness gift boxes in one order, (delivered to the same address) and we will include a beautiful holiday cosmetic gift bag  FREE. 
Orders for gift boxes all need to be in by Dec. 5th,  (Ontario, Canada's deadline is Dec. 12th)   Some of our jewelry ships within 2 weeks,  check each product page to find out which ones do as some take 3-4 weeks  to ship. 

Live an enriched life and achieve your goals, click below for a SPECIAL OFFER.

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