Manage Life's Stressors Online Course

We all have to endure stress and anxiety in our day to day lives in some way or another.  The point here is what do we do about it?  How do we control it before it starts controlling us?  How long do we continue to deal with anxiety and stress before it physically, mentally and emotionally drains us to the point of total exhaustion?
Manage Your Life's Stressors helps people learn how to take control of stress so they can feel empowered to create positive transformation in their lives. Here is what is included: 
  • Understand why you experience stress  
  • Discover wellness guidelines & change negative habits.
  • Analyze the pain points and reasons why stress is taking over your  life.
  • Learn proven tactics to combat everyday stressors
  • Develop a powerful, calm mindset to achieve peace
  • Self Assessment Quiz, 30 day Challenge & Positive affirmations 
  • Experience true feelings of success, purpose and increased confidence

"This program has made a huge impact in my life in how I deal with anxiety and the stress I've experienced"   Sandy. Oakland, CA 

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