THANKS - GIVING! What a perfect combination


To be thankful AND giving, especially at this time of year is a perfect combination that will ensure a life full of happiness and success.  People often wonder why some individuals get ahead in life and excel in everything they do while others question why they don’t get better results & they struggle.  What is the secret to living a successful life?   There is a key ingredient to being successful but interestingly enough it is not what most people would think.  Although there are many components that involve a life of success & prosperity, the common thread many people have discovered is the genuine art of giving, and being thankful.  

‘Giving is the master key to success, in all applications of life’  

Bryant McGill

Researchers have found that those individuals who are true ‘givers,’ who have freely given their time,  donated money, or even just shared a kind comment or gesture to someone in need have reported  greater self esteem, lower levels of stress and is less prone to depression.  But does ‘giving’ make you any happier?   Yep, it most certainly does.  When the covid pandemic started years ago our company decided to do a fundraising campaign to thank the nursing staff at the Ontario hospitals.  Hundreds of dollars in free product were given away thanking the staff for their unprecedented service.  From the reviews we received they were appreciative of our generosity which made us very happy! 

When you add value to another person’s life it will in fact move your own life upwards reaching new heights.  Subsequently the good you provide will return to you ten-fold with abundance, better health,  & happiness.   How many times have you been patiently waiting at a Tim Hortons drive thru (Canadian coffee franchise) and some wonderful soul in front of you buys you a coffee?!   Smiling ear to ear you are thinking, ‘wow!, that’s unorthodox behaviour ! Lol   Its so unusual because very few people do it!   Those caring, thoughtful individuals are ‘paying it forward’.  This beautiful act of kindness can and will start a profound chain reaction of generosity towards others that has a proven, positive ripple effect.   

I’m sure if you look back in your own life you’ll recall great acts of kindness that you as the giver have either contributed to, or have been the recipient of.   In my own lifetime I can clearly remember several considerate people who displayed unprecedented acts of kindness towards me, far beyond normal generosity.  Like many who have experienced such kindness you will never forget those people as they made such an impact on your life.  More importantly that gesture of giving, that memory of kindness you experienced will be fondly remembered for a lifetime. One person in particular that comes to mind who recently passed away is Bob Proctor.  Many will know him as a famous international icon in the personal development industry, a milestone in human potential.   I had the great honor & privilege of working with him over 3 decades ago and was in awe of his inspiring, undeniable positive attitude, his strength of character and blessed, giving nature.   Aside from his powerful personality he possessed, and his marvelous, unparalleled mind, Bob Proctor was a true ‘giver’ in every sense of the word.

‘At the end it’s not about what you have or even what you’ve accomplished. It’s about who you have lifted up, who you have made better.  It’s all about what you give back.”   Denzel Washington

I hope you too will meet someone in your life that is as much a role model to learn from as I have experienced.  More importantly, just like a beautiful chain reaction, you too will 'pay if forward' becoming thankful  and share  the art of giving towards others.  In the spirit of giving browse thru our Boutique on our store for inspiring gifts for women.

 While celebrating this special American holiday we wish all our US audience & subscribers much love, full of peace & contentment with many fun memories with family & friends.  



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