50 Christmas Gift Ideas for Women

Another year to share the Christmas spirit with family and friends. Giving a gift from the heart is not only personally rewarding for the one giving the gift, but the recipient is truly appreciative to the person who made the effort. Sometimes its not all that easy to find the 'perfect gift'
Christmas gift giving can be a challenge, especially if you leave the shopping to the very last minute.  So our staff at Splendid Inspiration decided to sit down and we came up with some cool ideas!  We found 50 unique gift ideas you can give to that special person.  It could be a best friend, wife, mother, daughter, family member, staff, co-worker or even that favorite teacher to say thank you. Give a gift from the heart.  Click the link to find out the 50 gift ideas for any women you want to pamper:  
50 Christmas Gift Ideas for Women
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Our gift boxes are only available in Canada and the US, (takes up to 8-15 days to ship) Deadline to receive gift box orders is Dec. 10th.  For our Ontario, Canada customers their deadline is Dec. 15th.   Each box can be custom with a personalized note,  or include a corporate logo. 
 Have fun shopping and we hope you find something on our 50 Gift idea list.  And,  if you do decide to browse thru our 'Boutique' section on our site & find something you like use our Special Discount Code that is now available on our website!     
For those having a difficult time choosing a gift we recommend purchasing one of our Splendid Inspiration GIFT CARDS.  Now available to purchase!   Under Boutique click on Gift Cards for further information.  An easy, effective way for gift giving allowing your loved one to choose whatever they like!   

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