Why Family Unity is important - a Mother's perspective

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Many countries throughout the world celebrate a day for family.  Canada also observes this holiday which has only been in existence since 1990.  Every race recognizes the importance of family unity which in my opinion should be observed all year long.

As a busy entrepreneur, 32 years married and a doting, loving mother of 2 amazing adult children I can say with complete confidence that our family life is the strength that builds our character.  Family is the glue that holds things together when times get tough.  I’m grateful for this solid foundation that our family has built because it provides each of us with loving support, understanding & encouragement to move our lives successfully onward and upward.

In the past few years the world has seen some unprecedented change of events, major upheaval and tragedy to the point that how we function in our daily lives has made a complete turnaround. Life’s negative events also create emotional instability ie:  loss of a loved one, divorce, job loss, sickness, etc.   Although some families are more supportive than others a stable family network helps deal with these external challenges which empower us to navigate positively into the future.  

We are all aware that past childhood experiences and the parenting roles children observe from their own mom & dad will shape and mold a child's life into who they inevitably will become.  It’s because of this that parents should continue to provide the best emotional support possible, regardless of age. We thrive on emotional stability, a sense of belonging as well as love & respect in order to live a happy, healthy, prosperous life.

Like most mothers I contemplate how effective my own parenting skills are.  Have I done enough?  Have I provided my children with the emotional stability needed to help them grow into independent, mature adults while I still maintain a hectic schedule, operating 2 businesses, a home, family and keeping my own sanity all at the same time!  Regardless of our children’s age we still worry, we still feel upset when they are discouraged, we are exalted when they are happy, and we go above and beyond to make things better because that's what we do. 

From my perspective I love being a mom!  My children have always been my top priority, even over and above my work.  Most days I can comfortably sit back feeling a sense of accomplishment content in the fact that my kids are doing great and they can face life with confidence, compassion and independence!!  My own daughter just gave me some positive feedback from an assignment she finished in her 3rd year university management program.  It literally brought tears to my eyes. The title of the report was:  ‘Entrepreneurs are often social heroes,  choose an entrepreneur you respect”.  My daughter chose me.  Here are a few excerpts from her assignment which confirmed that my skills as a mom and business owner, in her opinion, are pretty darn good.

“Although my mom is responsible for running 2 businesses she still has made the time for her family and able to handle the multiple of tasks of running a home.” 

“I respect my mom as an entrepreneur because of her consistent hard work ethic, her patience and she is able to find the good in all situations”

I am very grateful for my daughter’s comments and am proud to say that BOTH my son and daughter whom I love unconditionally are exceptionally kind, very happy adults that I myself look up to in admiration.  How could I have been so lucky to have these beautiful kids I often ask myself?  Maybe it's in the genes?    Perhaps I’m just living right? 

We all know that there is absolutely no luck involved here because a solid, loving foundation had been created from the moment these children were born and the family unit continues to instill that support which harbors the same love and respect today that they received when they were youngsters.  Nurturing a child to succeed in life is one of the most challenging and yet definitely the most rewarding opportunities any parent can experience.


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