In loving memory of a profound Mentor - Bob Proctor



Its rare that I publish blogs about my personal life as my main priority is providing inspiring material to my readers hoping that my advice will help them enrich and improve their lives.

However when someone in your life who you dearly care for passes away, someone you have looked up to and been mentored by for well over 35 years you become thoughtful recognizing with respect & thankfulness all that they have done for you over the years.   You pause to reflect on the happy memories and more importantly all the profound advice you benefitted from that you couldn’t have possibly learned from anyone else. 

My mentor as well as millions of people all over the world are in quiet reflection and reverence to Bob Proctor,  international icon and human potential expert for over 60 years.  Bob was undoubtedly one of the  most respected and inspiring personalities I have ever met.   He had an undeniable positive attitude that he shared with everyone he came in contact with for over a half a century. His company, his staff and all who are associated with Proctor Gallagher Institute, now a multi million dollar worldwide company share his beliefs & passion in personal development and human potential.

 Very few role models provide the amazing amount of knowledge that I acquired from him. He had the innate ability to change millions of peoples lives by showing them how their thinking directly affected their results.   I can honestly say with absolute certainty that anyone who attended one of Bob Proctors programs walked out of the seminar a completely different person,… for the better.  Fortunately I was one of those people.

About 35 years ago I was still a young pup, in my 20’s and had a great job as a Talent Coordinator for Tiny Talent Time,  a children's talent show at CHCH TV in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.  Although I was earning a good income there was still so much more potential that I didn’t see in myself,  but Bob did.

So impressed with his teachings I began working for him. I started in sales and became one of his top sales reps being promoted up to Management, conducted Sales training and travelled throughout Canada and the U.S. opening up new territory training new distributors.  The funny thing was I had never sold in my life before so changing my career like this so dramatically was pretty surreal.   My life going forward has hit so many highs that I never believed possible.   In my income, my career, my health & relationships.  There are SO many goals and achievements I've attained by following his training it is truly staggering and my life continues to get better.   I live a happy, healthy & prosperous life because of him and as I have my own motivational business now I continue to teach everything I've learned to my own clients.  

Although I will be forever grateful for everything Bob has taught me no one can do the work for you. Your life, your decision and how you choose to live is completely up to you.  I urge any of you who want to make some great strides and major changes in your life to start studying his material.  Bob’s book,  ‘You were Born Rich’, was the first book I read such a long time ago and that book along with his teaching started to move me forward and onward that lead me to the wonderful life I am living now.

Thanks Bob,  the whole world will remember you with respect, much love and total amazement for all that you have achieved and contributed in your lifetime.  Here is an old nostalgic picture of Bob and I when we were both much younger, all dressed up, Bob was a strawberry blonde and I was a brunette! 

Lori Gradley,

Splendid Inspiration                                                                                                                                                                      


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