Special Motivational Tips for Autumn

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The Fall season has arrived and it welcomes beautiful Autumn days with the crisp brilliance of vibrant colored leaves crunching at our feet. We love snuggling in our cozy warm sweaters when we head out to the nearest Pumpkin Patch or the local Fall Fair. Who can resist savoring a hot spiced Pumpkin Latte while partaking in the absolute beauty of these rich golden harvests.
It is an experience to witness the four seasons even though we can only enjoy the Fall for a few months. Transformation & change is not only found in Nature but deep within ourselves. We do have a tendency to resist change. There seems to be an innate anxiety that takes place when we deviate from the “norm” whether it is a young child on their first day of School, a student beginning University or an adult embarking on a new Career. Even making changes to improve one’s body image takes focus & determination.
What takes place in our mind is a nervous energy that sets in whenever we make a decision to step out of our Comfort Zone, (one that we may have been in far too long). It takes a certain amount of courage to finally release the ‘familiar’ and a seemingly ‘secure’ situation we have always known to embrace something brand new. To embrace what I like to call a Personal Achievement Journey or a fulfilling Adventure.
Adventure isn’t only about hanging off a rope on the side of a cliff or jumping tandem from an airplane 15,000 feet above the earth. It is not always about adrenaline and extreme activities but more about individual Personal Development and making positive choices that move us forward in life. To excel and reach our highest potential.
Helen Keller said it perfectly: “Life is either a daring Adventure or nothing at all”
If you remember in the past when you actually stepped out of your Comfort Zone to try something new you realized that it was the most exhilarating & purposeful decision you ever made. You took a risk. So, if you are sitting on the edge and truly want to make some dramatic transformations there is no better time to do it than right NOW.
It is time to adopt a fresh new outlook on life.
You can choose to focus on the past & continue to be trapped in the Comfort Zone you have been living in all along or you can step forward into growth and be mindful of the present, expecting greater good & prosperity in the future. The life you live is totally YOUR choice.
Life starts all over again crisp in the Fall F. Scott Fitzgerald
Do yourself a favor and have an Adventure my Friends ! Enhance your life by making positive changes which will move you out of the Comfort Zone you are so accustomed to. That could be making the jump from a salary to a self employed Career, or booking a Night School class to improve your Education. Learn a new skill or schedule an Advisor to improve your Game Plan. Spend time to enhance your Relationships or make new friends and YES, even try an extreme Sport!
Take better care of your Health by getting involved at the Gym or attending Fitness classes: These events will not only serve to keep you fit but improve your positive mental health at the same time.
Remember while you are making these changes take the time to enjoy the little things: Apple Picking or getting lost in a Corn Maze with a loved one. Mothers! think up new Halloween costume ideas for your kids & cut way down on sugar when trick or treating😊 Live your life well & be grateful for the abundant beauty that nature has to offer.
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