12 Daily STRESS Reducing Techniques

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November 4th is National Stress Awareness Day

Why is stress so important? Stress is a response to demands on our body, our minds, our entire life which is a response to our life crisis and fears. If stress becomes overwhelming it can cause severe problems: mental health issues, emotional exhaustion & physical illness which eventually impacts our work, relationships and family connections.

Here are 12 Beneficial Proven Strategies to Manage your Daily Stress Levels:

BREATHE - At a comfortably slow pace breathe from your diaphragm with the breath OUT lasting longer than the breath in. A deep breath from your diaphragm is important.

SET REALISTIC DEFINITE GOALS ! A ship without a compass doesn't go too far.  Set realistic goals.

LAUGH ! - Watch a funny video or use a 'laugh-line' by phoning friends you know who will make you laugh and help find the humor in a difficult situation.

MANAGE TIME EFFECTIVELY - Build in some flexibility while writing out your plan.

WALK, SWIM, BIKE, DANCE, - Any exercise helps you burn stress chemicals releasing them from your body and helps clear your mind.

RECREATION - Break away from your work day by participating in 15 - 30 minutes of something you are passionate about. Get out of the office & away from your computer.

STRETCH - Move, release tension from your muscles. Smooth your forehead, soften your eyes, relax your jaw and drop your shoulders. Health concerns & worries will disappear.

CONNECT - With those who are important to you. People who are supportive, you feel good to be with. Social support provides positive feedback in stressful times. Even hugging your pet has a physiological, calming positive effect on us all.

THINK OF THE BIG PICTURE - Cultivate a realistic perspective of the bigger picture rather than worrying about trivial issues. Most of what we worry about never materializes.

APPRECIATE YOUR LIFE - Our brain automatically recalls our days negative hassles. Balance that out by remembering all the positive things that you are grateful for.

STOP MAKING MOUNTAINS OUT OF MOLEHILLS - Reduce all the things you worry and catastrophize over. Take steps to control your thinking and how you react to events.

GET OUTDOORS - No need to express the importance of the benefits of nature. Get out of the workplace, take control of your stress and create relaxation in your life !


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Reduce STRESS & Live a Happy Life

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