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The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you’re 
not going to stay where you are”   J.P. Morgan

The beginning of the year is a very special time for me.  Why?  Because I get to engage in a favorite pastime that I enjoy, every single year.   I begin to plan and create what my next years goals & ambitions are going to look like.  It is time well spent as I am choosing how my life’s journey will unfold.  Another goal that I  have envisioned which will positively catapult me forward.

For many people life may seem like you are on a ship without a compass aimlessly drifting nowhere.  Aside from not having a plan or a goal do you know what the #1 killer of peoples dreams and aspirations really are?  It is allowing your present negative results to dictate your thinking. There is a skill, a scientific method that will enable you to change your mindset prompting you to resolve this issue so that you can do, be and have anything you truly desire.  We teach this.  Ask yourself, what is it you really want, and what is important to you?

Its a new year, a new chapter, or just the same old story. The choice is yours

Real, long-lasting change is a process.  You don’t suddenly wake up in January springing out of bed with a whole new lease on life.  The process to positively change your mindset takes time & energy.  Here are a few telltale signs that may alert you to the fact that you may not be able to tackle those new changes and what to do about it.  

As mentioned not having an action plan to attain a new goal is challenging. Much like a leaf blowing effortlessly in the wind with no direction or control, a targeted plan of action will bring you the results you want. When setting a new goal, or new years resolution ‘denial’ is a powerful force that stops you from accepting new ideas.  Also not recognizing existing problems that you might need to work through can hamper your progress.

Those unresolved, deeper issues act as roadblocks that can stop you in your tracks.   Do you remember past failures?  All of us have them.  Experiencing mistakes in any situation is really a blessing in disguise as you will ultimately build a stronger, more powerful personality. You will learn from your mistakes and continue on.

In regard to creating a positive mindset focus on what you want rather than spending wasted time and energy on fearful doubts worrying why these new ideas won’t work.  You do have unlimited potential just waiting to be unlocked.  Similar to a seed planted in the soil that has a set pattern destined by nature to grow into fruition you also have the ability to manifest any idea you choose through focused thought.

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