Inspiring Tips about Life I learned from Dad


Inspiring tips about life I learned from Dad !  

 Many parents have engrained the benefits of living a successful life into their children's psyche, whether it was at home or in the workplace. Utilized properly the following advice can create a significant influence on your life.  These inspiring lessons my own father taught me were so important in my own life I will continue to pass his advice down to my own children and future generations.

This is a tribute to my father who recently passed away. For all those parents who are supportive role models guiding their children thru this journey of life, please read on.   When my 93 year old father passed away his doctor asked him what was the secret to living a long and happy, healthy life. Dad thought about it for a minute and said, Be true to yourself and be true to your wife.” It is with this sentiment that I share these valuable personal & professional life secrets.

 "Do what you love, love what you do"

 This probably is the most important advice dad ever shared with me. For someone who loved his work for over 40 years he became a constant advocate of this thinking. Although he always created a healthy balance between work and family, he lived and breathed his work every waking moment of his life.

 He became such an expert in his job working as an Operating Engineer that an Ontario newspaper did a story about him regarding the work he did for almost 50 years.  He was 90 years old when he was interviewed and the story was published. How many people do you know that worked in the same job for over 40 years? And they also still loved their job & had a story published about them in their nineties ??

 'Be grateful, respect others as well as yourself '

This was another surreal tip dad drilled into me over & over again all through my life.  Everyone’s choices in life are different so we should always treat others with respect no matter what their social status is, the color of their skin, language, or ethnicity. We should be grateful for our careers as it may contribute to making this world a better place.  A favorite line from dad was this: 

"It really doesn't matter if you are digging a ditch or you are the CEO of a large corporation,  we are all the same" 

Attitude is everything!!  Any child that has been taught by their parents to dream big, work hard, and maximize their potential are truly privileged because this is not always the case with the majority of families nowadays. Nor is it taught in the educational system. We shape our lives from what we are taught, from those role models we have in our lives, whether they are positive or negative influences.  My dads upbeat, positive attitude is the primary reason he lived such a happy, healthy, successful life. One that allowed him to live so well, right up until his nineties.

The life lessons my dad taught me will stay with me forever.  I am grateful for the fabulous memories and in my opinion, dad was an icon with a high level of integrity, well worth remembering.  My wish for my readers is that you have the same family experience I was fortunate enough to have.  To reach new heights you never thought possible and when you have your own children/grandchildren you will provide the same valuable advice and encouragement as I have been blessed with in my lifetime.


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