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Being a working mom is not easy, but it is one of the most rewarding experiences a woman is privileged to have in her life.  From the moment our children are born we instill a loving, solid foundation that provides unprecedented compassion & support for the lifetime of our children & family.  This is a tribute to all working moms out there in the world today.  I like to call them ‘positive role models’  or present day ‘super heroes’.

Any women who have joined the workforce while nurturing children & a family have experienced guilt, worry, burnout, anxiety, and stress.   So many women are torn between spending more time with family while struggling to maintain heavy workload responsibilities.  

As a mother of two I have worked the majority of my children’s lives and endured all the worrying and challenges that come with the motherhood role and balancing family life.  I believe I’ve done well taking care of my kids and have maintained a happy family home while keeping my sanity & managing a hectic schedule.  More importantly I realized it was absolutely essential to take care of my health and enjoy some much needed ‘my time.’   

Quite often we contemplate whether we are being a good role model.  Are our parenting skills up to par and have we provided the emotional stability required to support our children to grow into independent, mature, happy, adults.   The following are a few reasons why working moms are not only superheroes in my opinion, but definitely positive role models:

  • Motherhood is a special chapter in a woman’s life and if asked if they would do it all over again, they would 100% say yes. In a heartbeat.
  • Instinctively women naturally nurture their young with an overflow of love and understanding without any thought for themselves.
  • Mothers have an acute sense of compassion, empathy & remarkable emotional intelligence to jointly handle not only personal issues but work challenges as well.
  • Time management & multi tasking is a well-honed soft skill for a mother with such hectic schedules & the huge variety of errands needed to be done on a daily basis.
  • Moms are flexible, creative, disciplinary and should be looked up to as a positive role models as the behaviour of their children are mirrored by the parents attitudes.
  • Statistics show that working moms are less prone to depression. They are more productive & have happier, solid relationships.
  • Working moms have the innate awareness to easily balance personal challenges and their work, being able to bounce back quickly when confronted with problems.
  • For those moms that pursue a career, motherhood is a great training ground that can develop beneficial skills that are advantageous in the workplace.
  • Moms sacrifice themselves by putting their kids first. Because of this they don’t take care of themselves as best as they could, so it is imperative to develop a self care routine. Whether this routine is enjoying a day at a spa, a few days getaway at a retreat, socializing with friends or just being home having a much-needed break. 

For all those hard-working mothers out there, this is a tribute to you.  Remember to pat yourself on the back for a job well done as you truly are one of life’s most positive role models.  You owe it to yourself to take care of your health & happiness 😊

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