Feeling Less Motivated with the Winter Blues?

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We are officially in the middle of the cold winter months...... Perhaps not all our readers experience this. Instead you may be enjoying daily sunshine & ongoing beautiful warm weather. 
But for the Northern Hemisphere it is cold, damp, grey and well,... just BLAH. If you have felt more depressed than usual, fatigued, irritable, increased appetite and have little motivation you may very well be experiencing the affects of S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder) Millions suffer from this ailment every year. 
Shortened days and reduced exposure to the sun can drastically effect our bodies internal clock. Also our brains produce melatonin to help you sleep and sunlight during the day stops that production enabling you to stay alert and awake. But since we have shorter days the body produces too much leaving us with low energy, feeling fatigued.
Once the cold weather sets in many of us can be lethargic, feeling bleak, wishing to cancel the day and crawl back into bed. Unfortunately for the majority of us there is NO winter long holiday that includes hibernation until the spring.
The reduced amount of sunlight also lowers your bodies natural production of Serotonin. Sunlight exposure is very important to your health since it increases the release of this hormone which is associated with tranquility, an increase in mood levels, lessens anxiety and irritability. It is easy to understand why depressed feelings may sink in.



1. Get more sun & fresh air daily. Just going for a walk at lunch can lift your spirits . Check your Vitamin D levels, it is a natural derivative of sunlight... among other things.

2. Exercise & higher mood levels are linked creating endorphins & increased motivation. Exercising will clear your head and create a surge of fresh energy thru your body that will make it far easier to tackle the cold winter days.
3. Light therapy is a proven, effective treatment to use in the home, half hour a day. Get enough sleep to keep your mood stable....but not too much.
4. Eat well. Whole grains, greens, high quality protein. Drink black tea and avoid stimulants and junk food.
5. An act of kindness given freely with absolutely no expectation for anything in return can truly change another person’s day as well as your own. Your mood will be elevated and in so doing you will attract further positive events in your life. (regardless of the season !! )
6. Love your mornings! Create a positive routine and make it a habit. Mornings set the tone for your day so make that time a period of mindfulness and enjoyment.
7. Motivational Notes. Leave positive affirmations around your home, your office as little reminders that you will see and read everyday to inspire you.
8. Take time for yourself. Our lives are so fast paced and filled with so many 'to do' lists, meetings, and events we barely have time to breathe, let alone do something productive for ourselves. Ask yourself how important is it to take time out for yourself?.
9. Listening to positive audiobooks, podcasts, that are meaningful that provide a positive message will motivate you to change your thinking from negative to positive.
10. If you guys haven't set a goal or envisioned a new positive outcome in your life you are missing the boat.  Take this time to create a clear, positive image of the life you want to live, of the person you want to be, and set a realistic timeline to start working towards it.
These small steps will keep you focused and determined to produce the positive results you want to achieve. This will certainly keep your mind off the cold dreary winter months!
Thankfully it wont be long until we can look forward to the Spring season with a breath of fresh air, and a renewed sense of inspiration and rejuvenation.
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