Why New Years Resolutions May Fail

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Real, long-lasting change — and the decision to embark on a journey of transformation — is a process. People don't suddenly wake up January 1st, spring up out of bed with a whole new lease on life. It takes time and you really have to want to make those changes. Here are a few telltale signs you may not be prepared to tackle a new goal, & ways to increase your odds of succeeding.
Denial is a powerful force that protects you from facing harsh realities. It’s nearly impossible to make positive changes if you’re denying a problem exists in the first place.
What to Do About It: You can’t leapfrog past denial — you must work through it in order to forge ahead. Denial is usually temporary. With enough space, most people will absorb and process an issue in their own time and move on.
A “one foot in, one foot out” Attitude is why so many New Year’s resolutions fail. 
What to Do About It:  In order to move toward your goal, you must first address your anxiety, fears & doubts — those deeper, unresolved issues acting as roadblocks to your success can hinder your results.
You have to have a Plan! The challenge even with a plan is not in the lack of knowing, but in the lack of doing and taking action.
What to do about it:   Look to your past wins for inspiration. Other successes in your life — at work, in school, in your relationships — and use that to come up with a plan for success. By reflecting on the obstacles you’ve overcome you gain confidence, reminding you of which strengths helped you succeed before.
"If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again." What it neglects to say is how terrified people feel at the prospect of failing again.
What to Do About It: First, forgive yourself for past failures, Turn your inner critic into a Coach. Instead of saying, "I'll never succeed," use kind, supportive language like, "I believe in myself.” These positive affirmations lead to successful change. 
If you can’t run a lap without getting winded, don’t try a Marathon. It’s good to reach for the stars, but be realistic. Over ambitious goals will only frustrate you as well as set you up for failure.
What to Do About It: To discern whether a goal is manageable, ask yourself, “What are the next five actions I can take to move me closer to my goal?” If you can’t do this you should re-evaluate your goal to something more attainable.
Rewards System You need to reward yourself when you make progress. 
Commit To 21 Days!  It takes 21 days to form a habit. If that’s the case, focus on just making it through that time frame. If you were able to form a habit, you are well on your way!  
MANAGE YOUR TIME:  We all have the same, exact amount of time to use, every hour, every day, every year.  What people fail to consider is how effectively we use the time we have ... Once 'time' is used up you can never regain it.  Good Luck, make this exercise count and start the year 2021 off to an amazing start !
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