Christmas in July - Inspiration found in the summer months

It seems that no matter where you live in the world, whether it is in the snow covered northern hemisphere or the sun laden warmth of the sunny south people just love celebrating the Christmas season.  And, people enjoy it so much they do so more than once a year.

An example of this is in Quebec, here in Canada where people celebrate “Noel des campeurs” It is fun tradition where campsites throughout the province enjoy Christmas in the summer and partake in all the seasonal festivities.   They decorate their campers, pull out the twinkly lites, exchange gifts to family and friends, even savoring a Christmas dinner and roasting a turkey.   I personally would question cooking a turkey and having the oven turned on so long in this terrible summer heat but they get to enjoy a delicious festive meal.

There is a tiny little Christmas store out in Niagara on the lake in Ontario, Canada.  I love visiting that shop.  It is just as busy in the summer months as it is closer to the winter holiday.  Great little place. Here is the link if you want to do a daytrip to get some great ideas

Christmas shopping is something I personally do all year round.  In my line of work the last quarter of the year is extremely busy for me so I literally don’t have time to head to the shopping malls.  To keep me from getting too stressed out closer to the holiday season I plan and shop early. I find great deals and am well prepared because I make a point of thoroughly enjoying my Christmas every single year. 

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So my friends if you are looking for a mid year booster shot to uplift your Christmas spirit organize a get together for family and friends.   It doesn’t matter what time of year it is,  it is always a good time to be with family.   Switch out the traditional green and red décor with a lighter pastel color theme.  Pull out the twinkly lites!  Do a gift exchange to tell your family or friends they are loved and indulge in a delicious traditional turkey dinner!,  if you don’t mind keeping the oven on too long!  Lol  

For movie lovers in July the Hallmark Channel has a marathon of really amazing heartwarming Christmas movies that will embrace the joy of Christmas and continue to inspire you in the summer months!   Shop & save for something unique today and embrace the Christmas spirit!



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