Best Friend Forever 3 pc Ring Necklace

Best Friend Forever 3 pc Ring Necklace

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Best Friend 3 piece set Ring Necklaces, Best Seller ($25.97 USD + shipping)

What a fabulous gift idea to give to you and your 2 closest BEST FRIENDS!  Plus you receive 3 ring Necklaces that are identical! 

This fashionable trendy BEST FRIENDS FOREVER necklace comes with 3 separate silver ring necklaces, engraved with 'Best Friends Forever'.  This is an amazing special price as you receive 3 ring necklaces in one sale as a set. 

  • Limited time special for the 3 ring necklaces are only $25.97 USD + Shipping   
  • Free shipping for orders over $50  Canada & US only 
  •  Canada & US takes 3-4 weeks delivery,  
  • Perfect friendship gift idea for the upcoming holiday season! 
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