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Much like the beauty of a snowflake you are one of a kind.  Nature has intricately designed everything in its own perfect way, harmonious masterpieces displayed all over the world.  If we use the snowflake as an analogy we will find that it too is a perfect example of infusion, intricacy and individuality. 

Not one snowflake is identical to the other considering there are billions that sparkle and swirl in the air throughout the winter months. 

We are all unique,  just like Snowflakes

After studying the readings of the Association of Behavioral Science apparently it seems they have found that having self-esteem has taught us that in order to be of any worth, we have to convince ourselves that we are more important than we really are. Unfortunately, some people think that they have to be more important than other people. Self-esteem can be a slippery slope. Narcissists have great self-esteem, but then so do bullies.

The word special has two different meanings, so it’s not surprising that we get this confused. In one sense, to be special means to be unique, idiosyncratic, differentiated. And I would agree that we are all special in this regard, just like beautiful snowflakes. Sure there are brilliant, highly skilled, and powerful people in the world. But you are not in competition with them. Some people will never understand that and will strive their whole lives trying to meet someone else’s expectations.  Be in competition with yourself,  with your uniqueness. 

We are a constant source of wonder, inspiration and beauty.  However unlike the snowflake as mortal beings we have the ability to dictate what our lives will become because we can think. Each of us can create a new and improved self image each and every day by choosing our own productive thoughts which leads to the manifestation of a brand new reality. It doesn't matter what has happened in the past because everyday could be considered 'day one'

We can do, be and have anything we set our minds to.  Begin to really focus on your thoughts.   What are you thinking right now??  Are your thoughts moving you positively towards what you want in your life or are they moving you negatively further away?   

Start making a conscious decision to monitor your thinking as the results will surprise you.  Your thoughts are things that can build and mold your life and inevitably your destiny. 



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