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For those who regularly visit our site, or you are one of the many readers who subscribe to our inspiring newsletters that our company, Splendid Inspiration offers, we wanted you to be the first to know about an upcoming storyline interview on the Red Silk Carpet Magazine, from L.A. California that has just been released.
Lori Gradley, who owns this company is being interviewed in the April issue.  Many years ago she became interested in personal development and began a self discovery journey well over 35 years ago.  Because of the dramatic positive changes that have taken place in her own life she was motivated to start an empowering personal development business that would support others by untapping their potential, and create a positive mindset so they would be able to  improve the results in their life to become the best they can be. 
Lately because of her new wellness book  "How to Think and Succeed by Empowering your Mind"  has just been published she has received several interviews about the book, her successes in the many businesses she has operated and the trials and tribulations she herself has experienced thru the years. 
The interview/story can be found in the April issue, pages 86-90.    
Read about it here: 
For those who might be interested in learning more this story is fun, entertaining and educational insofar as personal development and health and wellbeing is concerned.  It will give people a better understanding of Lori, her business and the successes she has achieved, but more importantly the true power of a positive mindset and how time and time again that mindset will continue to create happiness, health and prosperity in a persons life. 
Read Loris' article and glance through the other entertaining articles found in this magazine issue.  We hope you enjoy the read and that it will support you in your own self discovery journey. 

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