The secret to loving life with a youthful mindset


Why do some people struggle to pull themselves out of the bed each morning and yet others spring out of the house with a new lease on life?   Quite often people get discouraged with the results they’ve achieved, sadly at a very young age.  And yet others have a sprint in their step enjoying a refreshing zest for life well into their 80’s. 

I fondly remember working at CHCH-TV, in Ontario, Canada when I was in my early 20’s.  Luckily I was chosen to work on the famous children’s talent show,  “Tiny Talent Time”  a show that had been running for over 40 years.  This tv show had been on air so long I myself was a little tap dancer on the show when I was only 6.  It was ironic that I would be working on the show decades later!  Some of these lucky kids who auditioned would be chosen to be on the next live show and it was fun watching them doing what they loved!  Many of these children were as young as 4yrs old and I was amazed at their confidence level, their positive energy and excitement with the talent they performed.

One nite I was leaving an audition and was racing to get to an evening seminar on personal development that was put on by none other than Bob Proctor. (worldwide legend in human potential).  Back then I had never heard of him before but a friend told me what a terrific speaker he was so I decided to go.  As I was a bit late I snuck into the back of the room and quietly sat down hoping I wouldn’t get noticed. I sensed a welcoming positive energy in the room by those organizing the event. In particular was Bob's wife Linda, (married for over 30 years) and Bob's assistant, Gina, who was always working by his side. It was plain to see that everyone wanted to be there and looking forward to the evening session.  

Bob was a professional in every sense of the word, impeccably dressed and had an undeniable positive attitude that exuded high energy & confidence.  He didn’t just walk up on stage, he ‘bounded’ up to the platform and from that point on I sat their mesmerized with utter amazement listening and learning material I had never been taught before.  As I sat there admiring Bob’s passion for his craft I couldn't help but notice his sheer excitement for what he did, his fun loving youthfulness & total commitment for what he believed in.  And at that time Bob would have been in his 50's, already working in an industry he LOVED for 20 years, which he continued for decades later.  

I was struck by the similarity of the same behavior I witnessed with the young kids I had just auditioned a few hours agoRegardless of age both were doing what they loved.  So impressed with the material I learned that evening I wound up leaving an incredibly good paying job at the TV station and started working for Bob and his company selling programs throughout North America. It was the best decision I have ever made and the reason I now enjoy operating my own company that you see here.   I do what I love, and love what I do.  Embracing life with a youthful mindset is the expression of living with intent, passion and courage. It enables you to enjoy high levels of energy experiencing a true sense of purpose.  Celebrating life should be a normal state of mind although sadly only a small minority actually achieve this. 

Doing what you love is freedom,  Loving what you do is happiness”     Lana Del Ray

Our lives are unfolding every single moment so it would make sense to work in a career you love.  Not only will this create purpose, but you will develop an enriched, deep emotional satisfaction that fulfils your soul enabling you to continue to grow and prosper.   Remember to develop an attitude of reinvention, continue to learn, break thru old negative habits and hold yourself accountable.  It is your life, and life is precious.  This is a very old picture taken of myself and Bob, a dear friend and role model whom we all miss very much.  

Loving tribute and fond memories of Bob Proctor, a great man & mentor

  July 5, 1934 - February 3, 2022



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