Christmas Special Offer just for you!


We wanted to give our viewing audience a bit of a sneak peak on our Christmas Special in case you would like to get in on the action and shop early.  Not only are we offering sales on some of our products but for anyone that shops and purchases our jewelry, gift boxes, or our empowering wellness online courses you will receive a FREE $20 Gift Card when you spend $95. 

Limited time offer for 10 days ONLY,  Special Free Gift Card offer ends Nov. 25th, Black Friday. 

Spend $95 in any of our products in one order and you'll receive a $20 Gift Card to shop with, or as a gift to give to someone special.  (Gift boxes need to be delivered to the same address if you order more than one).  We can only deliver gift boxes in Canada and the US.  (8-15 days delivery).  Deadline for all gift box purchases must be ordered by December 5th to arrive for the holiday. For our customers in Ontario, Canada deadline is a bit later on Dec. 12th.  Our jewelry ships internationally but does take 3-4 weeks to arrive, so order soon. 



Unique gift ideas for your best friend, mother, daughter, co-worker or staff reward gift.  Great ideas not only for Christmas but any special occasion!  For a full selection of all our products, and our online Wellness courses visit our Boutique here:  or to view our empowering wellness online courses: 




Live an enriched life and achieve your goals, click below for a SPECIAL OFFER.

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