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Self - Love can be considered a touchy subject.    No one wants to talk about the importance of loving themselves.   Why?  Because it is perceived as conceit and arrogant.  No one wants to hear ‘you can’t love another person until you love yourself’.   Although I totally believe that sentiment people still don’t want to hear about it.  What if I were to tell you that creating a loving, respectful, non-judgemental attitude towards yourself is probably one of the best things you can do to improve the quality of your life?? 

I can’t wait to tell you why

The term ‘self love’ is not only perceived as a state of feeling good, but it allows us to create a profound feeling of mindfulness in the way we appreciate ourselves in regards to our physical and spiritual growth.  Even though you may not realize it how you are perceived by others plays an important part on how you interpret your own self image.  The majority of people allow the opinions of others to dictate how they think, which ultimately affects their results.
So you being in a positive frame of mind will also be displayed in the way you treat others.  With empathy and respect. When we have compassion for ourselves and can be non-judgemental towards our own flaws and mistakes it allows us the same opportunity to see other people’s shortcomings as well, with understanding.  You see, self love is not just about loving yourself, it is the positive habit patterns that are formed that you exhibit towards everyone else. 

A great tip about self love is that you automatically choose to  take better care of yourself in respect to nutrition, exercise, sleep and healthy relationships.  Self love is also apparent when people who possess this trait know enough to walk away from events, challenges, or people that do not resonate with their way of thinking. 


love yourself


It is a mindful choice, a way of protecting yourself and not allowing negativity from others to pull you down.  Self love is displayed when you can consciously choose things that you need and yet at the same time feel centered and strong enough to automatically decline behavior that could move you into a negative downward spiral.   It is a beautiful, healthy state of mind that can only lead to success and happiness.


“Everyone of us needs to show how much we care for each other,  

and in the process, we care for ourselves”   

Diana,  Princess of Wales




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