How to Live and Age well - the Longevity Theory


The cliché “you are as young as you feel becomes much more evident as we continue to age.  Why do some people find it harder to get out of bed in the morning and yet people in their 60’s, 70’s or 80’s are sprinting out of bed continuing to sparkle?   Why do some people want to be the ‘younger version of themselves’ instead of embracing every aspect of the life they are presently living?   What is the reason why people fail and become discouraged early on in their career & yet others enjoy a zest for life well into retirement?   It could very well be that they haven't found their “Ikigai”, a Japanese term that means the discovery of what sparks people’s soul leading to a more purposeful life. 


I’ve often pondered about this and after searching for answers finally found the secret components to living a rewarding life!  Aside from eating healthy, being active, continuing to learn and goal setting etc. the most important aspect that influences how well we live & prosper is:

doing what you love and loving what you do’

I want you to think back in your lifetime when you were the happiest.  What was  it that brought you such joy?  What created that ‘spring’ in your step, that positive change in your self image?  I’m going to suggest the real reason was simply because you were loving what you were doing regardless if it was a job, an achieved goal, a hobby you enjoyed, a new relationship or perhaps volunteering to help others.  

Research has shown that people who live a productive life live much longer & happier than their less driven, unmotivated peers.   Evidently the term “work” seems to have been given a ‘bad rap’ because the majority of the human race work for a living just to pay their bills.  In retrospect working in a job you love creates purpose & meaning.  It also creates a deep emotional satisfaction that fulfills your soul enabling you to continue to grow & develop.  You are motivated to learn, succeed and prosper.    

For 40 years my own father absolutely loved his job.  When he turned 90 the local newspaper did a story about him and the work he did throughout Ontario.  Why?? because he was so good at his job, and he was good at it because he loved what he did.   He is an inspiration & truly a positive influence in my life.

Another role model & dear friend is Bob Proctor, (a worldwide expert in human potential).  Bob told me over 30 years ago to:  find something you love to do and dedicate your life to it”.   At 87 he is highly respected, has an amazing personality & still going strong.  With an undeniable positive attitude & high energy level he can ‘run circles around people.’  He also has a laser focused work ethic that can easily achieve more in one week than most people can handle in a month. These highly developed attributes are skills we all should study and take note of.

So my friends, tomorrow morning when you roll out of bed ask yourself if you are embracing the day? What service are you bringing to the table, do you love what you do, and have you found purpose in your life?  Doing something you love to do NOW will most definitely mold & influence the quality of your life in later years.


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