How to improve your results with Checkpoints!!


For those that follow my site and continue to read my inspirational blogs you’ll remember back in January I discussed the importance of creating a new game plan for the upcoming year. This particular article is about providing focused ‘checkpoints’ to see how you are doing MID YEAR and reflect on how you have spent your time in order to move you towards the direction of your dreams.  Its like your doctor doing a check-up asking, ‘how you are doing’?

I discussed how people should, in a fun and exciting way start to think and plan what their immediate goals are going to look like, and their long-term goals as well.  Goals are a significant aspiration to ascend to because you are shaping your life’s destiny equipped with a precise focused plan of action.  Now we all understand that achieving any kind of worthwhile goal, or developing a long-lasting transformation does take a considerable amount of time and is a creative mental process.  We don’t suddenly jump out of bed one morning and become a new person with a whole new lease on life. 

There are many steps that must take place before you can realize and enjoy the goals and changes you want to achieve.  Which is one of the reasons having ‘checkpoints’ along the way will truly benefit you. Thankfully many years ago I learned scientific techniques and proven mental tools to positively alter my thinking which changed my mindset prompting many positive changes to take place in my life.

 So, what I like to do myself in the middle of the year is to sit back and reflect on my life results in reference to the goals I have decided I will achieve. I analyze through my checkpoints what I have accomplished so far, and how I have been spending my time completing those steps. Then with concentrated effort & focus I have more clarity on the next steps I need to take.  Perhaps you could consider the steps you have taken that are effective and have moved you closer to your goals.  Or, the mistakes you’ve made that you can learn from. Ask yourself who have you connected with that has moved you forwards. Become critical of how much time you might be wasting, and always focus on those areas that make you happy.  As we are in the summer months and experiencing a ‘summer mode’ our minds start switching over to a more relaxed, calmer mental state. That is a great place to be to reflect.

Recognize areas in your goal action plan that you might need to tweak.  Remember to also celebrate the goal setting process and results you have already achieved.  A comforting pat on the back will keep you motivated. Become renewed, rejuvenated, and feel at peace with yourself.  But, at the same time start mentally thinking about your checkpoints, (your ‘to do’ list) and the further steps in your game plan that will begin to re-engage your mind to manifest all your dreams and desires.  

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