How to improve your Mood this Winter



We are in the middle of another cold, grey winter.  This beautiful picture of a sunny, winters day reminds us of quite the opposite.  Many people choose to focus on the dreary, grey days which tends to lower their mood.  Negative situations will also affect many, some more than others.

If you have felt depressed, fatigued, irritable or less motivated than usual you may be experiencing the effects of S.A.D.  (Seasonal Affective Disorder).  The shortened days and reduced exposure to sun lowers the bodies natural production of serotonin, a hormone we need that is required to increase our positive, healthy mood levels.  Here are some steps to help lift your mood.

 Steps to help you control those mood swings:

  1. Get more sunlight and daily fresh air increasing your vitamin D levels & serotonin
  2. Exercise more, it creates endorphins & new energy to uplift your mood
  3. Eat healthier, avoid junk food and stimulants
  4. Sleep well. Without sufficient sleep you can’t perform properly
  5. Love your morning habits, a positive routine sets the tone for your day
  6. Take care of yourself, be mindful, read positive motivational content to uplift your spirit
  7. Avoid reading any media coverage of the negativity that is filling our lives
  8. Be grateful for all that you have & move confidently towards your goals
“the primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it”    Eckhart Tolle

 We can’t control negative circumstances. They are inevitable.  We need to learn how to turn our thinking around and remove the negative ‘clutter’ that encompasses our daily lives.  To respond to negative situations rather than react.   

Here are just a few examples:

  • A motivated salesman one morning gets stuck on the highway in a snowstorm. He reacts negatively as he is late for an important meeting. That negative state of mind & his lateness cost him that sale. His mood escalates throughout the day affecting his family when  he gets home.    
  • The man he meets may also have had a rough morning. Perhaps his laptop crashed or he just got off the phone with his wife bearing some very bad news.  This added stress causes him future health issues.
  • A working mom had to cancel an important event as she was up all nite nursing her sick child. Not getting enough sleep she wasn’t focused causing a severe car accident.  Negative events if serious enough can set the tone for an entire day or create repercussions for many years to come.
  • Even throughout history we have witnessed how one negative idea that was repeatedly introduced to the masses would negatively transform and influence a culture for generations. 

We possess human emotions operating thru our sensory factors.  People allow their moods & outside circumstances to dictate what they are thinking. In fact the majority of us are very much like a feather being blown in a strong wind without any control or affirmative direction. 

So, by building negative thoughts instead of thinking thru a particular situation, or by composing ourselves and responding positively to a problem, these reactive actions will most definitely create negative outcomes. You can turn this around just by controlling how you think. The positive thoughts you build & the attitude you display today will create more happiness & improved results in your life which will lead to a bright, beautiful future  …  even if it is a dull, dreary day!

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