How to enhance your Self Image this Fall Season


Contemplating a change??  Are you looking for a self image remake this fall? It happens every year when a new season’s freshness & natures exquisite colorful transformation lands on our laps! Usually around the middle of August we stop and recognize a change taking place.  We instinctively feel a new crispness in the air.  The evenings are getting slightly darker, and the anticipation of the autumn season is close by.  A change is in the air”

I love the Fall, its my favorite time of year!

We all welcome the beautiful autumn days with the crisp brilliance of vibrant colored leaves crunching at our feet.  Snuggling into our cozy warm sweaters when we head to the nearest pumpkin patch or enjoying a quiet walk surrounded by nature is a pastime we all thoroughly enjoy and hate to miss.  Who can resist savoring a hot pumpkin spiced latte while partaking in the absolute beauty of the rich golden harvests?  What we experience is a transformation in the change in the fall colors but also it can be a change deep within ourselves. Another opportunity to empower and enrich our lives. 

For those who are looking forward to making some personal or professional changes take place in their lives, what they are actually doing is choosing to get out of their comfort zone.  For many of us we have a tendency to resist change as there seems to be an innate anxiety that takes place whenever we deviate from the ‘norm’. 

It doesn’t matter if it is a small child heading to their first day of school, a student beginning their university studies or even an adult embarking on a new career.  Even improving on one’s body image is a positive transformation, or losing weight when we head back to the gym for exercise. All of this takes focus and determination because it is something we have committed to do.  It all comes down to how badly we want to experience change.

Internally what takes place in our mind when we experience a change is a nervous, unsettling energy that sets in whenever we make a decision to step out of our comfort zone. Perhaps it is one that we have been ‘comfortable’ with all too long.  It takes a certain amount of courage to finally release the ‘familiar’ we have always known, which is a seemingly ‘secure’ situation to reach out on a limb and embrace something brand new.

I see stepping out of a comfort zone much like experiencing a new adventure!  That doesn’t mean jumping out of plane 15,000 feet to the ground, or hanging off a rope on the side of a cliff.  Sure, that is massive adrenaline and a major accomplishment but improving one’s life as far as personal development is concerned is a forward movement activity that can only encourage positive choices leading to fulfillment and empowerment. 

To excel and reach our highest potential.

If you remember in the past when you actually stepped out of your comfort zone to try something new you realized that it was the most exhilarating and purposeful decision you ever made.  You took a risk. So, if you are sitting on the edge and really want to move forward there is no better time to change than right now!  You have the power to choose every single day.  Why not make a change to improve & enhance your self image today?  Enjoy this beautiful new fall season and adopt a fresh new outlook on life!

“Life starts all over again crisp in the Fall   “F. Scott Fitzgerald”

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