How to be happy when a long winter drags on



We are in the middle of another cold, grey winter. And, it is dragging on!  Unless you are living in the sunny south many people choose to focus on the dreary, grey weather instead of the crisp, sheer beauty that the winter holds.  Choosing to focus on the exterior conditions that could dampen your spirits will negativity lower your mood, your state of mind and your levels of happiness. 

If you have felt depressed, fatigued, irritable or less motivated than usual you may be experiencing the effects of S.A.D.  (Seasonal Affective Disorder).  The shortened days and reduced exposure to sun lowers the bodies natural production of serotonin, a hormone we need that is required to increase our positive, healthy mood levels.  Here are some steps to help lift your mood.

Steps to help you control mood swings, lift your spirits & become happier:

  1. Get more sunlight and daily fresh air increasing your vitamin D levels & serotonin
  2. Exercise more, it creates endorphins & new energy to uplift your mood
  3. Eat healthier, avoid junk food and stimulants
  4. Sleep well. Without sufficient sleep you can’t perform properly
  5. Love your morning habits, a positive routine sets the tone for your day
  6. Take care of yourself, be mindful, read positive motivational content to uplift your spirit
  7. Avoid reading any media coverage of the negativity that is filling our lives
  8. Be grateful for all that you have & move confidently towards your goals 

“the primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it”  

 Eckhart Tolle

We can’t control negative circumstances. They are inevitable.  We need to learn how to turn our thinking around and remove the negative ‘clutter’ that encompasses our daily lives.  To respond to negative situations rather than react.  

We possess human emotions & operate thru our sensory factors.  People allow their present physical results or outside negative circumstances to dictate what they are thinking.  So, by building negative thoughts instead of thinking thru the situation, composing ourselves and responding positively to a problem, these actions ultimately will create a negative outcome.

And it doesn’t matter what season or time of the year it is.


The positive thoughts you build & the attitude you bring forth everyday will create more happiness & improved results leading to a brighter, more beautiful future  …  even if it is a dull, dreary winter!   Discover how you can control your thinking and learn how it is affecting the results in your life by taking our Power of Thought” online course. This program is on a Special Promotion right now. Become empowered!  Find out more today:





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