Evolve into a "New You" this upcoming Year !

Evolve into a NEW YOU this upcoming Year !!

The end of the year is a special time for me.   It’s when I sit down after the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and start to create what my next year’s goals & ambitions will look like.  I begin to plan, much like what we do when organizing our next vacation, only this is a significant aspiration to ascend to.  You are shaping your life’s destiny.  If you seriously want to achieve the very best in life I’d like to suggest that you take the time to do the same. Begin to create & customize your goal plan.  So if you are starting at the beginning of the new year to evolve into a ‘New You’ it is the very best time!

Usually I grab a pen & a lined pad of paper relaxing with a glass of wine or spiced latte coffee nestled comfortably beside a roaring fire in a chalet up in the snowy north.   It’s a tradition for me living in Canada.  You see it’s in that relaxed state of mind that you can really let your imagination fly which is one of your mental faculties you possess that is required to dream big and set purposeful goals.   

So if you have already finished shopping using up the many ‘gift cards’ you received at Christmas now is the time to focus on the new year and begin to work on yourself.  Many people see the start of January  as just another month never accomplishing their new year’s resolutions they adamantly committed to.


Keep in mind that long lasting change and the decision to embark on a journey of transformation is a process that one has to commit to.  Often when creating a new plan there are major doubts that you may have built up over the years which could stop you from moving forward.   It’s important to address these deeper, unresolved issues as they can act like roadblocks stopping you in your tracks. 

Focus on what you want rather than spending wasted time & effort on fearful doubts worrying about  why these new ideas won’t  work.   If you allow your present results to dictate how you are thinking chances are you will never move ahead.    You can choose positive thoughts that when planted in your mind can create whatever outcome you desire.   We do have unlimited potential just waiting to be unlocked.  Similar to a seed planted in the earth that has a set pattern destined by nature to grow into fruition we have the ability to materialize any idea through focused thought.  This new idea or ‘seed’ if nurtured & cared for with repeated concentration can and will manifest into your physical reality.

Start by writing down what you truly would like to achieve and thru effort & persistence you can mold and shape this new idea into an accomplished goal.   We at Splendid Inspiration practice this often. 

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