Embrace change this fall while savoring a pumpkin spiced latte

The fall season has arrived in all its splendor.  Many of us welcome fresh, autumn days and the crisp colored leaves crunching at our feet.  We love snuggling into our cozy woolly sweaters while we head out to the nearest pumpkin patch or local fall fair.   Honestly, who can resist savoring a pumpkin spiced latte while partaking in the absolute beauty of a brisk fall day?  This season is all about change which can be found not only in nature’s colorful transformation but deep within ourselves. 

Most of us create new changes in the fall season as it seems to be embedded in our psyche.  This is due to deep-seated habits that were formed while we were very young. Every time a change occurs in our lives we have the greatest opportunity to escape that dreaded ‘comfort zone’ and continue to grow & prosper.  Bob Proctor once told me “being in a comfort zone is a very bad place to be”.  He was right.

Breaking out of a comfort zone is difficult as we to tend to resist change.  There seems to be an innate anxiety that takes place whenever we deviate from the ‘norm,’ whether it is a child just starting their first day of elementary school, a student beginning their academic studies or an adult embarking on a brand-new career.  But embracing change isn’t just about academics.  It is any situation that challenges us to do & be something more than we already are

Our lives would become stagnant from a lack of growth otherwise.  It takes determination to finally release the ‘familiar’ and a seemingly secure situation to embrace something new.  To challenge & conquer the unknown. 

It was October 2020 when my 25 yr old son came bursting into the kitchen while I was making dinner. He excitedly announced he was going to skydive.  I’m not sure how long it took him to finally feel ‘comfortable’ with that idea but I’m betting it took quite awhile.  To add insult to injury my very mature 20 year old daughter decided she was going to jump too.  Well, I almost dropped to the floor.

For any parent reading this article I’m sure you can relate to the negative emotions & constant worry that was going thru my mind imagining the very worse possible scenario.   After ALOT of struggle with my thoughts & emotions I eventually took hold of my thinking & began to visualize a perfect day for them to jump.  I saw their exalted happy faces as they both landed safely to the ground which was exactly what happened.   What I found interesting is even though I was not the one jumping I physically & mentally went thru almost the same stress & fear my kids must have experienced and yet my feet were firmly planted on the ground.      

You need courage to break thru your fears, real or imagined. People can go thru their entire lives never stepping out of their comfort zones. If you are afraid of change understand that fear is merely a mental obstacle that disappears the moment you decide to step forward and take action. By doing so you’ll get in the ‘habit’ of breaking thru those challenges and therefore can begin to easily adapt to future change.  This is such an important life’s lesson, one I’m happy my kids learned at an early age.   I continue to adapt to life’s changes in a myriad of ways myself.  In fact, next month our company will be taking further strides to grow and break out of another comfort zone, again.  I encourage you to take a step forward to experience the exhilaration of personal or professional growth.  Go back to school or invest in yourself by studying personal development.  Take a night school class, enjoy a new hobby or commit to an exercise routine you have been putting off.  The health & maintenance of your body is just as important as the development of your mind. 

I certainly am not suggesting you go skydive to conquer your fears!  Personally, you would have to hit me with a sledgehammer before I would throw myself out of a plane.  But if you do decide to embrace change make a firm commitment to do so because the perfect time is NOW, this season!   While you are contemplating that next big challenge enjoy a brisk walk out in the warmth of the fall sunshine and remember to pick up a pumpkin spiced latte to savor along the way.    

Lori Gradley 

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