A Unique, Inspiring Gift Idea for Mothers!


This month I thought a 'lighter' Blog celebrating Mothers Day would be fun.  You are all acquainted with Myers-Briggs Tests??  Well this article is somewhat similar.  

We have our own distinct personality and just like flowers the characteristics that make us who we are can be unique and distinct.  

If you are looking for something special for Mom find a flower that has your loved ones unique personality and give it to her as a gift!  You can discover which floral bloom best reflects her own personality.... the answers may surprise you!


Warm and traditional,... You can't get more traditional than this classic flower. They are timeless, practical and can say a thousand things with just a smile.  Symbolizes love, grace and happiness.


Are the most confident, creative extroverts. They enjoy sunshine, fun and spontaneity, and are impossible to predict what they will do next.  worthy and forgiving.


Are straightforward and fun. Social, symbolizes innocence, hope & purity.  Loves their friends and family and will always be surrounded by them.


Gentle and complex they are sensitive to the needs of others but may forget to take care of their own needs if they are not careful.  Sophistication and mysterious.  


Fun, quirky & creative.  Your style is bold, colorful and love trying out new trends.  Symbolizes independence and can adapt to any situation.


Warm, popular extroverts that brighten up any room. They love new situations & challenges.  Symbolizes adoration and dedication to others.


Elegant and rare.  Brilliant but introverted they keep to themselves except for their closest friends and family.  Symbolizes purity & refined beauty.


Captivating, youthful innocence.  Joy of youth & enigmatic. Nostalgic & infuses their style with vintage and antiques.

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