Uncomplicate Your Life & Be "In the Present"

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  I'm sure we all will agree that life is NOT perfect, never has been, never will be. We all have ongoing daily issues that must be taken care of whether we like it or not. The challenge is the amount of mental, emotional and physical energy we spend on these mundane matters that really don’t deserve our attention.

Let’s break this cycle to gradually and effectively uncomplicate your Life!! Its easier than it seems. Lets reflect on something for a minute shall we??
‘If you think there’s something missing from your life, its probably YOU ! Robert Holden
I'm going to discuss a scenario that will effectively explain why ‘thinking too much’ can and will cost you your peace, your relaxation and inevitably your happiness. Lets think of an example that we all can relate to.
As soon as we wake up early in the morning our minds switch on to auto pilot and we begin to broadcast our familiar programs that we do each and every day. And, all these habits we have acquired gets our full attention. It is a habit we have become accustom to.
For example, after I have rushed down a quick breakfast & coffee that I can't remember even making because my mind is concentrating on all my to-do lists for the day that has to be done…. I look down at my coffee mug and its empty??? I don’t even remember finishing it. I have no recollection of this event because I'm so consumed with all the many concerns and issues I have to face that day…. Does any of this sound familiar???
I then would be driving out to work busily replaying and repeating over and over again the events and things to do that has to be completed and I forget,… or have no recollection of driving past that beautiful park where the geese are swimming in the pond,… I would miss the beautiful blue sky or forget the smell of the brisk, refreshing spring air that we all have been waiting for from a long cold winter.
You see I was somewhere else, not realizing or experiencing the present.. My friends, we all have to stop and be in the present,…. Be here NOW. Obviously if we are not experiencing the present we are lost in the past,…. And / or the future events when we should be in the moment, always in the present that is fresh, real, and alive. Clearly, thinking negatively or on other matters too often can cost you a quality life.
Many of us can spend days, weeks, months or even years not being present in the “present” moment wondering why so much time has gone by. We can feel dissatisfied, disconnected and unfulfilled.
Bring yourself back to the present moment and start living an uncomplicated life today!
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