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SPLENDID STUFF provides Fundraising opportunities hosting events for Business, Churches,  Charities, Educational and Non Profit Organizations.


After the client and I choose a product customized for their Fundraiser we begin marketing the product to our own customers along with the clients advertising efforts.  The item chosen is given away as a FREE bonus when people contribute towards the Organization's cause. 

The new product and pricing with details of how to order will be explained.  All purchases will go thru our Shopping Cart and delivery will be drop shipped right to their door.   A Page similar to this will be created with the Clients Info, product picture, pricing details and how to order.  


Our goal along with the Organizations efforts is to help raise awareness thru our Social Network, Website and Online Store.  Those that contribute not only feel rewarded for supporting the event but also receive a valuable Gift compliments from our Motivational Online Store,   Splendid-Stuff.

For further information please contact us!  We would be happy to discuss your Fundraiser Event further.   Email:     

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