Lori Gradley, Owner, Splendid Inspiration

Welcome and thank you for visiting!   For over 35 years I have been intrigued with the personal development industry.  As most business women and mothers like myself I had a strong desire to study, to create substantial growth, improve my results & set out to build a successful business. Which I have done, several times. 

It wasn't until I attended a seminar conducted by international guru, Bob Proctor that I truly realized my full potential and decided to work in this amazing industry.  It was thru this positive mindset training that encouraged me to build bigger and better visions of what I really wanted my life to look like.  

Little did I know at the time after learning this invaluable material I would be put on a course of discovery that enhanced every part of my life...my career,  health, relationships & income.  With this new understanding and sales training I quickly achieved top sales status tripling my income being promoted to Sales Management conducting Training sessions throughout North America.  

This surprisingly was a HUGE transition for me as my previous career was administrative as Talent Co-ordinator for a Children's TV Show, "Tiny Talent Time" on CHCH-TV in Ontario, Canada.    

Since then I went on to own several businesses presently operating a successful Property Management company for 15 years now worth millions of dollars.  Because my passion lies in the personal development industry I am devoting my time and energy to promote this inspiring venture - Splendid Inspiration.  I occupy my time as an entrepreneur, educator and writer creating new blogs and programs to support people on their quest for success.  Our newest addition is our ETSY store offering inspiring women's gifts.  Aside from being mentored by Bob Proctor I've also been privileged to study under some of the  best in the personal development industry: Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins, Stewart Wilde, Eckhart Tolle & Stephen Covey to name a few.

Married with 2 wonderful adult children my goal is to share this fascinating, life changing information with my subscribers.  I am particularly happy that this knowledge I've learned is now a positive skill set that  my own children thankfully have adopted.  Skills which they are now utilizing to help them shape and build their own lives and to one day pass down to their own children. It is my sincere hope and wish that this knowledge will benefit my readers as much as it has myself,  to enrich their lives for the better. 


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