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We love to inspire people supporting them to achieve their goals, improve results and untap their fullest potential.  We offer motivational tips, informative blogs, inspiring products & empowering e-courses beneficial in creating an effective game plan to live the life of their dreams.


Welcome, My name is Lori Gradley, owner of Splendid Inspiration.  I've been studying personal development for 35 years now and excited to provide this inspirational & invaluable material with you. Please visit my 'Bio-Story' to find out a bit more about me.  

Splendid Inspiration is all about positive mental attitude.  The life you want, the career & relationships you desire are all about your inner mindset and how you can control & adjust your thinking to make the necessary changes to achieve all of your goals.   To be the best you can be. 

By developing your mental faculties that are never taught in school you can  eliminate old habits & limitations to achieve any result in your life that you desire.   To live a happy, healthy and prosperous life!   We also provide an inspiring, online store experience offering quality, motivational products creating enthusiasm & encouragement that will inspire all those that visit. Choose between our unique line of personalized Jewelry, Gift boxes & Clothing, all with positive meaning & motivational quotes.  We dropship right to your door,  delivered promptly all over the world. 

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Lori Gradley